Thursday, February 2, 2012

"On the road again" Thanksgiving Adventure

Why worry about the weather during the Thanksgiving break if you are in Southern Utah/Northern Arizona. It is a wonderful time to explore Arches National Park, Hoovenweep National Park, Natural Bridges Monument, Newspaper Rock Petroglyphs, the Four Corners area and the Slot Canyons of Page, Arizona. This adventure was all packed into a four day Thanksgiving holiday. Garth, Katrina & Kystal were the adventures this year of 2011. We ate at a great Italian place in Moab, Utah the first evening and even enjoyed a traditional Thanksgiving dinner "Perkins" style, Thanksgiving Day. How could we forget all the hiking and picture taking and rushing around and acting a little crazy we did that vacation. There were so many interesting Indian ruins, arches, river beds and slot canyons to explore. We even traveled to the four Corners area twice,(the first trip it was closed, so back the next day we go) just so Krystal could put hand and feet in the states of Colorado, New Mexico, Arizona and Utah. It's great to spend time with family. We love it! Spending our Thanksgiving holiday outdoors is a fun tradition Krystal started us on about four years ago. Our theme song through the years has been "On the Road Again, just can't wait to be on the Road Again." We will be on the Road again soon, I am sure!

Tuesday, January 24, 2012

The Road trip to Nauvoo, Illinois

August 2011 in Nauvoo, Illinois. It was a great day to dress up in pioneer clothes and play some of the games and try to imagine the life in the days of Nauvoo. Visiting the homes and businesses in Nauvoo was fun for the Tait family. Where are those other pictures of our trip to Bloomington Indiana and the baptism of Ivin.. The hunt is on!

Love and Family in Estacada, Oregon

This was a beautiful day to visit with Grandpa and Grandma Baker. The Baker family all gathered around. Claire, Hugh&Lila, Garth & Katrina, Leon. & Lorraine, Buffy and Reid all wanted to show love and support for Thurn and Charlene. We were happy to see Grandma feeling well enough to have a picture with some of the Baker family who loved her so much. This has been a great place for Grandma and Grandpa to live these past few years. Estacada, Oregon right next to Camy and her husband Gerry. Life was good for them this year. One added year blessed them both.

The Long Awaited Day!

The day began early that beautiful morning of June 22 2011.After waiting for 5 month to begin her mission, Brooke was finally entering the MTC in Provo, Utah. The days are gone where parents could enter into the MTC and say goodbye to their missionary son or daughter. Today the procedure included going to the Provo Temple grounds and taking several pictures and then heading back down to the MTC just a mile away and drop off our missionarydaughter. As we open the car door we were greeted by several missionaries who were ever so eager to wisk Brooke away. They did tell us to take our time, but as other missionaries were arriving and getting out of their parents car, it was easy to see the time would not wait to long. After a couple of pictures, these same missionaries were ready to take the baggage and escort Brooke to the front doors of the MTC. We said goodbye, with a few tears and then Brooke confidently walked down the sidewalk ready to begin a new and exciting chapter in her life. Melbourne, Australila, Sister Brooke Baker will be there soon. We love you and will miss you greatly!.This is where the Lord wants you to be. "Go forth and serve"

Memories of Italy 2011

Memories of Italy 2011

The finer things in life, Oh, That would be the man in the background! This was one of many statues we saw in our travels of Italy. What is that crazy woman doing? Venice! I Love that city, this is where our adventures began. Did I ever dream I would have the oppertunity to see the Grand Canal and take a boat ride out to Morano Island? Yes, we all bought treasures. In our travels, we were lookiing for the Spanish Steps. How did we manage to get a picture of "The Girls" without a huge crowd in the background. I know, we are not the famous people we were pretending to be with our sunglasses!. Kelli, Ruth, Katrina, Kalenn, and Paula. Just the regulars. This trip is way too fun! Did I say it was a trip of a lifetime, even though I have been there before? Roman Collisium in the background proves that we really were on a dream vacation, thanks to Dad! As we point to the heavens! And many thanks to our wonderful Mom. It was fun seeing her have so much fun!